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Custom Emboss Plate (Heavy Duty)

Regular price $117.00

An embosser is a tool used to create colourless raised impressions.

Embossing is a great, subtle and professional finish that adds value, a premium look, finish & feel to prints and/or original artworks.

This will only suit “Heavy Duty (200GSM+) Embosser”


200GSM+ (310GSM max)
35mm artwork size
65mm reach to the centre of the 50mm impression
Embossing from bottom, side or top options
Embossing from bottom, side or top options
Made from high-quality Delrin plastic plates to leave a crisp and clear impression every time


Turn around time approx 14-21 days from artwork approval
To be able to emboss yourself you will also need an embosser.


We can save you the outlay, effort and time with this?
We charge the set up for your emboss plate (which is required either way) and charge a flat rate of $1 per print for the service

If you would like us to manage this service, please contact us.