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Few and Far Studio is an artist-run, professional fine art printing house and creative studio based in Brisbane, Australia. We are dedicated to and passionate about providing superior production and reproduction services to artists and brands alike from anywhere in the world.

What once started as a small, private studio has since grown into an internationally recognised, premium quality service that has worked with some of the worlds biggest clientele. Despite this crazy growth, our core values and commitment to producing the highest possible quality remains unchanged - and continues to be the very cornerstone of our success.

Few and Far Studio was originally founded by artist Steen Jones after he was continually frustrated and disappointed by the lack of premium printing services available in Australia. In order to cater to the growing demands of his art-inspired label Few and Far Collective, Steen decided the only way to achieve the quality he was looking for was to find the right team to help him set up a dedicated private studio.

To truly make this work it meant that the studio couldn’t just be a side hustle. In recognising fine art printing as the specialist artform that it is, the first thing Steen did was to hire a professional printer who was also able to learn the ropes of manufacturing and who has managed the studio full-time since the beginning.


We only ever had the intention of creating our own products - but the quality of our work speaks for itself and it didn’t take long before we had other artists knocking at our door to handle their printing needs too. By popular demand we decided to work exclusively with selected artists and brands and we were the first studio in Australia to specifically cater to the tattoo industry.

By 2015, our word of mouth reputation catapulted our local in-house creative shop to an internationally sought after professional service. As well as providing high-end reproduction and printing expertise, we also established our print-to-order service that gave us the opportunity to host and sell the artworks of our collaborating artists through our own ecommerce platform.


Our studio is our full-time business and 24/7 passion. Each and every artwork we print is meticulously colour-matched, trimmed and shipped by hand. Our clients take comfort in knowing that the artworks they have poured their blood, sweat and tears into will be treated by us with the utmost respect and professionalism every damn time. 

As well as upholding our reputation as one of the best printers in the game, we also offer a variety of creative services, like merchandise and apparel manufacturing, print-to-order ecommerce services and a whole lot more. If we can’t create the product you need in-house, we have the best industry connections to outsource the work - professional networks that we’ve spent years building and that you can benefit from too.


After years of building strong relationships with artists and brands on a global scale, we decided to share the love with our clients by extending our services to include the manufacturing of superior quality merchandise and apparel. This was a seamless transition for our team after more than four years experience designing, sourcing and manufacturing premium products and developing important industry contacts through Few and Far Collective.  

When we began in 2013 we had no idea how quickly the studio would grow or how popular our services would become. But as we’ve continued to learn, refine and reach new heights, we’ve come to realise just how big the gap in the existing market was - a gap that was waiting to be filled by a passionate and hardworking creative team. Opening up the studio to the public was a huge risk but thankfully one that has paid off - not just for us but for hundreds of artists and brands from all around the world. And now we’re ready to work with you, too.

You are welcome to swing by our Brisbane based studio any time if you’d like to drop off your artwork, kick off a consultation or just catch up with our team face-to-face. Alternatively, contact us anytime via your preferred method (phone, email, Whatsapp) so we can discuss how we can work together.


"The rising tide, lifts all boats"