Printing Process


Fine Art Printing

What does Giclée mean?

The word giclee has come to be associated with types of inkjet printing that utilise archival, pigment-based inks and archival substrates in their process. Primarily produced on wide-format printers, these printers use the CMYK colour process but may also contain additional cartridges for variations, or lighter tones, of each colour based on the CcMmYK colour model. These additional colour cartridges increase the achievable colour gamut and allow for smoother shading and gradients.

How do I order?

Navigate to our webstore to order custom prints - you can now order fine art giclée prints and digital prints online.

If you work in custom sizes please contact us for a quote.

How much do fine art prints cost?

You can view our standard size pricing and order fine art prints online.

However, if you work in custom sizes please contact us for a quote.

Why do I need to send you my original artwork?

It is always preferred practice to have your original artwork in studio to colour-match to. While in our care, we will scan it in, digitally colour-match it and test print and compare to your original to check every colour is as close as we can achieve. Your original will always be kept flat and protected and will be sent back to you with the rest of your order.

That said, we do print supplied files with fantastic results, however without having your original to sight, we cannot take any responsibility for colours “looking off” or not matching your original. Further information about this can be found here.



Digital Printing

What is the difference between digital prints and fine art prints?

Our digital prints are produced using toner on textured art card and gloss card stock. Unlike our fine art prints, our digital prints are not archival grade or lightfast and their lower price-point reflects this.

Why do you produce digital prints too if you pride yourself on your fine art prints?

We understand that sometimes people need prints that are inexpensive but still look great and we still wanted to be able to service these occasions. Our digital printer produces excellent quality, it is however a different standard to our fine art prints.

What is the process for ordering digital prints?

You can order digital prints online. All pieces that go through our digital printer are printed as supplied with no adjustment or colour-matching. This allows us to turn them around quickly and keep the costs low!

Can I have my digital prints colour-matched?

Yes, technically you can. However, due to the differences in the printing process (between digital and fine art prints), our digital printer has restrictions on colours that cannot be achieved with toner. In this instance, your print would be colour-matched for our fine-art printer per our standard setup cost ($25 + GST for A5 - A2 sized originals, $35 + GST for A1 and larger, custom sized pieces), but your prints would be printed digitally per your request. Although we take great care in this process, due to the technical differences between our machines, we take no responsibility for the colours “looking off” or not matching your original when printed digitally.

Bonus: Once we have your artwork setup and on file, it can easily be run through our fine art printer later because it’s already set up for print!