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Our new commission-based structure through Few & Far Co. has been purpose-built and designed specifically for the artist that wants to create and offer premium products and professional, reliable services to their clientele… but may not know how or where to start or simply do not have the time.

Our service allows artists to skip the tedious, time-consuming and often overwhelming process of building their own website and establishing an online presence and is designed to relieve artists of the ongoing demands of managing an online store - including inventory management, shipping and customer service - while still keeping the lion’s share of the profit.

What We Offer:

• Entry to our online retail platform - Few & Far Co.
• End-to-end shipping, handling and customer service
• Inventory management and analytics
• Email & social media marketing to our massive customer-base
• A majority commission on every artwork sold
• Sell your artwork exclusively through Few & Far Co. to receive additional benefits

Additional Offers To Exclusive Artists:

• A custom-made and personalised online webstore
• Stronger positioning on the Few & Far Co. website 
• A higher commission rate

How We Do It

We haven’t just got 7+ years of designing, creating and manufacturing hundreds of quality products behind us; or just been responsible for distributing over 25,000 orders to over 58 countries during our years of operation; we’ve built and re-branded companies, devised marketing strategies, put forward sales pitches and just about everything else in-between...

By utilising our years of industry knowledge and first-hand experiences, our trusted networks and established systems - and leveraging off our infrastructure, we’re able to help artists not only skip the entire product development & manufacturing process, aid them in managing online sales but also delegate the customer service and the handling, packaging & distribution side of things, too - alleviating all of the, often overlooked, stresses and responsibilities that come along with them. 

How To Get Started

Head over to the Few & Far Co. website and fill out the form on the Collaborate page. We will get back to you ASAP and will quickly walk you through our options and relevant pricing. Once we have worked out what you want and what’s best for you - we can get you set up with an artist page to introduce you to our customers.

"You create, we facilitate"