Masters Of The Universe

Is back! Well, it never left to be honest - but it’s the 40th year and Mattel, Radio Velvet & creative-wizard, Eddie Zammit have joined forces and made a world-first & world class exhibition to mark and celebrate the occasion! “REMASTERED” is a 16 artist exhibition inspired by and dedicated to the ‘Masters Of The Universe’ legacy. 

Here’s a little peep…

That said, we were incredibly excited and humbled to be approached by Radio Velvet to create produce some of their exclusive and limited edition merchandise as part of the world-wide launch! As huge fans of the show & many contributing artists, was a great and dream project! Head to Radio Velvet to browse and shop all official merch.

Contributing artists (in alphabetical order): Aaron Craig, Ben Dawe, Lauren Carney, DXTR The Weird, Glenno Art, Heesco, Steen Jones, Alex Lehours, Luke Lucas, Justine Mcallister, Lee Mcconnell, Mighty Short, Oh Noes, Travis Price, Sahil Roy & Sofles.

That’s riiiiight! That’s our very own Steen Jones (Founder & Creative Director) included!

You can find “REMASTERED”exhibition at:
St Collins Lane, 1st Floor
260 Collins Street
and it runs from November 20 - January 30, 2022.

And if you cant make it, here’s a peep: