Fine Art Printing

Our fine art prints are printed and handled by a professional and dedicated printer - so you can not only expect a pristine artwork every time, but take comfort in knowing you're investing the best quality your money can buy. All of our fine art reproductions are printed on 100% cotton, archival stocks, using only genuine and lightfast inks so your prints will last a lifetime.

Archival Stocks

240gsm Premium Textured Cotton Rag

This paper is the lighter weight version of our favourite, most popular stock and all-time best selling stock. It’s slightly lighter than our 320gsm stock - making it slightly easier to roll and cheaper to ship.

320gsm Premium Textured Cotton Rag

This paper is our favourite, most popular stock and all-time best selling stock. This stock is also the go-to for the tattoo community as the quality, consistency, price and similarities to the Arches 300gsm medium textured watercolour paper. It’s a beautiful medium textured paper and has been the core of tattoo industry for many years and Few and Far Studio since the very beginning.

310gsm Premium Smooth Cotton Rag

This is our recommended stock for those wanting a premium looking and feeling stock - but wanting the smooth finish and look. It’s the go-to for our photography clients. It has a low gloss surface and smooth finish. The minimally reflective surface is great for framing & exhibitions and due to the heavy weight, it rolls easily and flattens well for efficient postage and storage.

240gsm Premium textured cotton rag

A5 -$7.50+GST each
A4 -$12.50+GST each
A3 -$22.50+GST each
A2 -$45.50+GST each
A1 -$70+GST each

Custom Size - contact for quote

320gsm Premium textured cotton rag

A5 -$8.50+GST each
A4 -$13.50+GST each
A3 -$23.50+GST each
A2 -$46.50+GST each
A1 -$71.00+GST each

Custom Size - contact for quote

310gsm Premium Smooth cotton rag

A5 -$10+GST each
A4 -$15+GST each
A3 -$25+GST each
A2 -$50+GST each
A1 -$80+GST each

Custom Size - contact for quote

Digital Printing

Our digital prints are the perfect print for the enthusiast on a budget or the artist wanting to offer lower priced reproductions of their works.

(Please note: Digital Prints require a 5mm white border around the print. See below artwork for example of how an artwork with a full background will look with border. Note - you will not see the white border on artworks that don't have full-print background or those with a white background.)

Digital Stocks

220gsm Lightly Textured Card Stock

This is our go-to stock for Artist's who want a textured look on digital stock. The texture this stock provides creates an extra level of depth to the art printed on it.

220gsm Semi-Gloss Card Stock

Perfect for Digital photography, this stock has a sheen that helps capture fine details in images. Great for showing off reflections and shadows with full depth.

220gsm Smooth Card Stock

Our Smooth Card Stock is perfect for Artist's who want a smooth finished paper with no loss of depth or saturation. Bold lines and colours print perfectly on this stock.

220gsm Lightly Textured Card Stock

A5 -$4+GST each
A4 -$6.25+GST each
A3 -$9+GST each

220gsm Semi-Gloss Card Stock

A5 -$4+GST each
A4 -$6.25+GST each
A3 -$9+GST each

220gsm Smooth Uncoated Card Stock

A5 -$4+GST each
A4 -$6.25+GST each
A3 -$9+GST each

Scanning & Setup

$40+GST - per artwork

• Setup applies per original & is charged once

• Artwork is kept on file for fast & easy re-ordering

• Price includes scanning, colour-matching & test printing

• Price includes adding borders and/or removing blemishes (or signatures) *if required

: There is no setup fee required for supplied scans or digital artworks

Finishing Options

Embossing, wax seals and stamps.

Hand embellishments are for those that want to stand out from the pack or step their game up! Not only do they add a personalised touch - it shows that you care and go the extra mile. We have the in-house experience and capabilities to help you design/prepare your own, set you up or even do the work for you.

How Does It Work?

1. Select your Stock

Fine Art Print or Digital Prints

2. Place Your Order

New Clients:

If you are a new client and have your files ready, you can do this right away via our online store!

*Don't forget to attach the artwork file.

If you need some help with setup, we can help you. Please also select the print setup in store when checking out and attach your artwork.

(Once you are setup, you can re-order via the store easily and quickly everytime)

Returning Clients/Setup Artworks:

You can skip the queue and go ahead and order right away via our online store!

3. Scanning & Setup

Once we have your files and finalised payment, we begin the colour-matching and test-printing process.

Ways to get us your physical artwork

1. Head to our online store and purchase the 'Print Setup' and attach your artwork file.

2. Scan your artwork yourself and head over to 'print setup' and upload your scanned artwork file.

(Note: Without the physical artwork to ‘match’, we cannot guarantee an exact reproduction) *Don’t forget to mention any alterations (ie: add border, remove blemishes, signatures if required).

3. Send your original artwork to us in a poster tube via registered post and we will scan it in and colour match it perfectly for you. We’ll send it back with your order!

We understand as artists how precious your original work is and it might even sound ‘a bit risky’ to send them however, rest assured, this method is our most common and we in our 8 years of business yet to have an issue. We will always handle and store your originals as if they are ours.

PO Box 348, Albany Creek QLD 4035

Ways to get us your digital artwork:

1. Order now via the online store and attach your ‘ready to print’ files.

4. We print your order

Once we are setup, we print your order.

We always aim to turn these around ASAP but ask you to allow up to 5 business days for us to process your order.

5. We ship your order

We package them up and ship them back to you - unless you are using our ‘Print on Demand’ service, in which case we will ship your order direct to your customer for you!

Turnaround time:

depends on the artwork setup required, we always try our best to get you setup as quickly as possible - but due to the intricate and time-consuming process this usually takes 5-10 business days. Print on Demand orders get fulfilled within 5 business days.