Print On Demand

Our ‘Print On Demand’ service has been designed and is perfect for the artist that are wanting to grow their brand or brands wanting to offer premium products and professional and reliable services to the world - without the outlay, risk, stress & on-going pressure responsibilities that goes along with it.

As artists ourselves, we know first-hand what artists want and need - and how difficult it can be to remain creative while trying to launch, run or manage a successful online store. Our print on demand service has been designed to keep artists creating and do what they do best!

You create and sell your art and products online +
We make it to order & ship it directly to your customer!


Turn your designs (new or existing) into a variety of premium products from our prints and homewares range.  


A customer orders your product/s online - and we handle the rest and only charge you the product and small fulfilment fee - you keep the profit!


We print your orders as they roll in and take care of the fulfilment from start to finish. You have no outlay, risk, inventory to manage or wasted stock, ever!


We ship direct to your customer with a premium tracked service. A personalised shipping service is also available.

Don't have a website? No worries! We host your artwork on our new and purpose built webstore.

What's available?

Fine Art Prints

Our premium Fine Art prints available in:

A5 (148x210mm)

A4 (210x297mm)

A3 (297x420mm)

A2 (420x594mm)

A1 (594x841mm)

• Custom sizes up to 600mm wide
• Wide range of high quality papers

Digital Prints

Our high quality Digital Prints available in:

A5 (148x210mm)

A4 (210x297mm)

A3 (297x420mm)

• Smooth or textured 220gsm

• Fast turnaround


Linen Tea Towels (70x50cm)
Gym Towels (40x63cm)
Beach Towels (85x17cm)
Medium Blankets (127x152cm)
Large Blankets (152x205cm)
Cushion Covers (45x45cm)

Perks Of Print On Demand

Nothing Upfront

Our Print On Demand service has no upfront costs, meaning you can sell as many or as little as you need without the massive outlay or ever being out of pocket. No risk involved!

Create Products Quickly

Once you have your design ready with our templates - you can create as many products as you'd like and have your online store up & running and selling in no time. 

Make It Your Own

We have lots of personalisation options to help your brand stand out. From print finishing services (i.e: custom embossing, wax seals or stamps) to adding authenticity certificates, stickers or personalised ‘thank-you cards’ to your orders!

Earn While You Sleep

Whether you're an established artist or just starting out, print on demand is a great way of monetising or creating a passive revenue stream using your existing or new artworks and offering a premium webstore that never sleeps or runs out of stock- so you never miss out on a sale. 

How Does It Work?

1. Consultation

Contact us so we can understand your goals and walk you through the process.

2. Setup

Once we have a gameplan - we begin the setting up the artwork/product process.

If you have an existing webstore:

You setup and manage all of the products yourself. Our $40+GST setup fee will only apply to all homewares products that require a setup - meaning if you have ‘print ready’ files we do not charge. We also don’t charge for prints.

Process breakdown:

1. We will send you a dropbox link. This private folder will be yours to add artworks/files and where we store all of your working files.

2. We will access artworks and set them up into ‘print ready’ files *if required.

Note: We cannot start fulfilling orders until your webstore/products are setup and 100% ready to print.

3. Once your products are ready, we will connect to your website/store remotely (Shopify, Sqaurespace, Wix etc). This will take around 30 minutes.

4. Once connected, we will receive your orders live as they come in and start fullfilling!

If you don’t have an existing webstore:

We will set you up and manage all of your products online via Few & Far Studio Print Store! We need clear instructions on what you would like - including product names, styles/sizing and pricing. Without all of your information we will not be able to start the process. Our $40+GST setup fee will apply to every design/product setup.

Process breakdown:

1. We will send you a dropbox link. This private folder will be yours to add artworks/files and where we store all of your working files.

2. We will access artworks and set them up into ‘print ready’ files *if required.

3. Once everything is set up, we finalise payment for the setup/s through our online store.

4. Once paid, your products go live and you’re ready to sell!

3. Go Time!

Start your business using Print On Demand today

Get in contact with us and we'll help you get started.