Operation: Lend Lease

It’s frustrating to admit, but sometimes orders do “go MIA”…and sometimes you just have to reprint them, catch a flight & hand deliver same day to make deadlines. 

I arrived at 6pm, went straight to the exhibition and got straight to work. As luck would have it, it was absolutely pissing down (raining for all our non-australian friends) so it seemingly went from bad to worse, but we still had fun and had exhibition all hung & ready by midnight - just before our permit ended and hours before official launch!

The Art Aid x Lend Lease ‘Outdoor Gallery’ features 15 stunning artists - and launches on 27th of June and runs for the entire month! Find it it in the heart & streets of Barangaroo!

Collaborating artists (in no particular order): Claire Foxton, Jack Fran, Ed Bechervaise,  Alex Lehours, George Rose, John Kaye, Kate Banazi, Billy Zammit, Lisa King,  David Lee Pereira, David Cragg, Bart Celestino, Aurora Campbell & Jason Parker Art.

Here’s a recap from said mission:

Here’s a quick look at the exhibition for those unable to make it:

Photos by @kierachevell