About Us

We’re a fine art printing house and creative studio that’s trusted by budding local artists, top-tier international artists and global brands and for good reason. Few & Far Studio is run by artists that love, live and breathe their craft.

We’ve been in your shoes, looking for a premium printing, manufacturing or distribution service, only to be let down by sub-par quality that hasn’t been good enough to leave us feeling proud to get our work into the hands of our customers.

Knowing the passion, blood, sweat and tears that go into our own art and designs, our studio was founded to deliver premium quality services to those that share our ethos that genuine quality should never be compromised and cutting corners is not an option.

Your Success Is Our Success

We back our artists 100% - their success is our success. That’s why alongside providing high-end reproduction and printing expertise, we also established our print-to-order service, giving us the opportunity to host and sell the artworks of our collaborating artists through our own e-commerce platform.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!