Have you ever thought about making your very own homewares? If not, it might be a good time to consider it as there is no denying that there is a BOOM in the multi-billion dollar industry - and there is demand and great opportunity for artists and artist-led brands out there.

We’re the brains behind our sister and founding company, Few and Far Co and responsible for every item we’ve produced over the last 10 years - so not only do we have vast and extensive experience in this field but we can also help you skip all of the boring, time consuming, stressful and risky parts - and go straight into creating your very own collection!

It's complicated, but we make it easy.


Linen Tea Towels

The ‘classic’ linen tea towel. Perfect for those wanting to break into the kitchen.75% Linen 25% Cotton. Note: These are placement print only (aka fullbleed print is not available).Size: 70x50cm. (RRP $30-$40)

Standard order price:

$17.50+GST each (min order 20)

Print on Demand price:

$22.50+GST each (no min order)

Gym Towels

Custom full bleed printed gym towels with hemmed edges. These are the same soft to touch and absorbent material as our towels, just a smaller and more versatile and convenient size! That said, they can also be as great bath or tea towels. Velour poly front with cotton back. Size: 40X63cm. (RRP $40-$60)

Standard order price:

$20+GST each (min order 20)

Print on Demand price:

$25+GST each (no min order)

Beach Towels

Custom full bleed printed beach towels with hemmed edges. In our opinion, these are the perfect mix between a bath and beach towel - making them an awesome all-rounder! Velour poly front with cotton back. Two sizes available: 85x175cm/145x145cm (round). (RRP $75-$150)

Standard order price:

85x175cm - $40+GST each (min order 10)

145x145cm (round) - $60+GST each (min order 10)

Print on Demand price:

85x175cm - $50+GST each (no min order)

145x145cm (round) -  $70+GST each (no min order)

Cushion Covers

Premium polyester cushion cover with two-sided, full bleed printing with black zipper. The polyester makes them a harder wearing, harder to stain and easier to clean cushion cover. The size is a common ‘couch size’ and a readily available size making inserts easy to find and/or replace. Size: 45X45cm. (RRP $40-$60)

Standard order price:

$30+GST each (min order 10)

Print on Demand price:

$40+GST each (no min order)


Premium minky fleece blanket with one-sided, high detail print with hemmed edge. We searched long and hard to find the ultimate all-round blanket - and here it is. They are so damn soft - and perfect for a ‘throw blanket’ and hanging-over on the couch. Two sizes available: 127x152cm/152x205cm (RRP $90-$175)

Standard order price:

127x152cm - $50+GST each (min order 5)

152x205cm - $75+GST each (min order 5)

Print on Demand price:

127x152cm - $60+GST each (no min order)

152x205cm - $85+GST each (no min order)

Scanning & Setup

$40+GST - per artwork, per product

Setup applies per product & is charged once?

• Artwork is kept on file for fast & easy re-ordering

• Price includes scanning & colour-matching *if required

• Price includes adding borders and/or removing blemishes(or signatures) *if required

(Note: There is no setup fee required for supplied scans or digital artworks.)

How Does It Work?

1. Decide on your Product/s

Tea Towels, Gym Towels, Beach Towels, Cushion Covers, Blankets.

2. Place Your Order

New Clients:

Please contact us so we can have a quick consultation.

Returning Clients:

You can skip the queue and go ahead and order right away via our online store!

3. Scanning & Setup

Once we have your files and finalised payment, we begin the setup.

Ways to get us your physical artwork:

Scan your artwork yourself and email it over to us at hello@fewandfarstudio.com

Note: Without the physical artwork to ‘match’, we cannot guarantee an exact colour-matched product.

Send your original artwork to us in a poster tube via registered post and we will scan it in and colour match it perfectly for you. We’ll send it back with your order! We understand as artists how precious your original work is and it might even sound ‘a bit risky’ to send them however, rest assured, this method is our most common and we in our 8 years of business yet to have an issue. We will always handle and store your originals as if they are ours.

PO Box 348, Albany Creek QLD 4035

How to get us your digital artwork:

Order now via the online store and attach your ‘ready to print’ files.

4. We print your order

Once we are setup, we print your order! We always aim to turn these around ASAP but ask you to allow up to 10 business days for us to process your order.

5. We ship your order

We package them up and ship them back to you - unless you are using our ‘Print on Demand’ service, inwhich case we will ship your order direct to your customer for you!