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Submission Guidelines

High Resolution Scans

Submitted files need to follow these guidelines:

  • Minimum 300PPI - Please ensure you’re getting your artwork scanned at the highest resolution possible.
  • File format: .jpeg / .PDF / .tiff
  • Ensure the scan bed is clean and the artwork is pressed evenly on to it.

Your file size will likely be very large - please do not reduce the file size to try and email it, contact us for an alternative way to get it to us. We can allow you a space to upload to Dropbox or use wetransfer.com to send it over.

Please note: Few and Far Studio accepts no responsibility for the colours of your prints "looking off" or not matching your original when working from supplied files. 

Even in the case that you have previously had your artwork reproduced elsewhere and are supplying us with a high quality scan which has produced incredible prints in the past, the output from our process may differ due to a difference in machine type and colour profile.

Digital Artwork

In order for your digitally created artwork to print clearly, and at the highest quality, it is important to set your artboard/canvas up to the following specifications:

  • Always work to a minimum of 300PPI
  • Ensure your artboard/canvas is sized to the dimensions of the finished sized prints you want to order
  • If you're wanting to order the same image in a range of sizes, always create your artboard/canvas to the largest dimensions
  • Please export your files as: .jpeg / .PDF / .tiff

For example: If you would like the same image printed at A2, A3 and A4 - create your file at A2 (420x594mm) - we can always scale down, but scaling up can create problems with the clarity of your artwork.

Please note: There are a range of very bright, almost fluorescent colours, that are achievable in RGB and visible when viewing images on a screen (monitor, tablet, phone etc) but that are not achievable in print. CMYK can produce brilliant colour saturation, but it is not comparable to the colour brightness of colours viewable digitally due to the subtractive colour model and back-lit nature of digital devices and monitors.

Further Information

We check all submitted files prior to print for any foreseeable issues in clarity and resolution, and will notify you if the quality will not produce the results you're after.

However, supplied files are printed as is. If you require us to make adjustments to your file, setup charges will apply.

Please contact us if you have any questions about submitting your file(s) to us.